Catching Up - Birthday, Winners, and Pre-White Rock

Things have been just a smidge crazy.  You know... I had a birthday, I ran a marathon.  All stuff I haven't blogged about yet.  Oops.  So let's play a little catch up.

We last left off with my 5k PR.  Woo-hoo!

Birthday Party Time

I had a lovely taper, interrupted by my own birthday party.  I had zero plans for my birthday, so I made my own plans.  My awesome coach Adam flew from Arizona just to be there for my birthday for work... total coincidence.  So I planned an evening at the Melting Pot with some of my fav people - Emily, Libby, and Adam.   (Yes, we are planning on hiring the hostess as a professional photographer in the near future.)

Adam was trying to make us moms look bad by looking all dressy while we were in jeans.  He did offer to change into jeans but only in the middle of the parking lot, and I really didn't want that image burned in my head.

Look who was a giant piggy?  Apparently he forgot who's birthday it was... that's right, mine!  It was a really really fun night with lots of laughs with people I genuinely enjoy being around. 

Last 4 Fundraiser Giveaway Winners

I am thrilled to report that I surpassed my goal and with the help of friends, family, and even strangers, raised $2550 for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.  I cannot put into words what this means to me and how special this hospital is.  Without them, my sweet Paige wouldn't be able to walk.

The last four giveaway winners are
1. Jill - Run for the Hills
2. Laura - Absolute(ly) Fit
3. Tricia - Endurance Isn't Only Physical
4. Christina

Prizes 4, 6, 11, and 16 are still left... e-mail me your choices!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Finally got the tree completely finished after Paige made me purchase 4 boxes of candy canes and decorate the tree with them.  I actually have pretty much everything already bought, and everything I have is wrapped and under the tree.  That's what taper does!!!

White Rock Marathon Expo!

I snuck out this past Friday to get my bib for the White Rock Marathon.  Bib #2424.  The only thing better than that bib is the one I get to wear for the New Years Double, which I got to put my sticky fingers on at the expo!

Yes, that's a 1 on New Years Eve and 2001 on New Years Day.  I was a little, uh, eager to register for Libby's race.  My happy trigger finger got me the first bib.

My expo visit was really about visiting a few friends, like Hailey of iFitness, and Frances of Virawear, and Barrett of Rockwall Running Center.  And a quick stop by to grab an extension bar from SportHooks, even though the awesome Marcey was busy at the Vegas expo.

The Night Before

The outfit was picked:

The pizza was eaten:

in the awesome company of June, Karyn, and Angie and Talia. (And yes, I ate a piece before I got a photo... I was hungry.)

Then back to June's swanky hotel (the Omni) to crash. 

A TV in the mirror in the bathroom.  Really?  Swanky.  Us taking a photo of it... truly classy!!!

We tried, tried, tried to ignore the thunder and pouring rain outside that was foreshadowing the next day's weather.

Race Day

Got all ready to go and way more bundled than I had thought in the swanky hotel.

Karyn, Me, June
I drove us to the start.  We almost got killed on the road there because we were avoiding the traffic and someone in the traffic jam pulled out of traffic about an inch from my car.  Well if our intestines weren't cleaned out before, they were then.  But we managed to avoid the traffic and got into the parking lot super easy and headed to the warm coliseum to meet all our frunners!
Frunners:  Derek, Me, Elaine, Shanda, Fiona, Susan, Shannon

 I know it's dark and blurry, but these yellow tutu'd ladies were Operation Sunshine... and that's exactly what they are!  Corina and Marci are the best cheerleaders EVER.  Seriously dedicated frunners.

Derek, my awesome pacer for the day.
At this point, we knew it was cold and drizzly outside and that it had rained all night, but we really had no idea what the day would really hold weather-wise.