Didn't I Just Do This?

Guess what time it is?  Taper time.  Didn't I just taper?  Two weeks post-marathon, I got out and ran a 20-miler.  Well, in all honesty, I ran 19 miles, and walked the last mile to shake out the legs.  I ran the course loop for the New Years Double, my next big race.  I plan to run a half marathon on New Years Eve (my 20th) and a full marathon on New Years Day (my 5th and my 3rd in 63 days).  Pretty sure I have gone off the deep end.  Marathon, recovery weekend, long run weekend, taper weekend, marathon.  This sounds like a bright idea to all of you, too, doesn't it?  The good thing is that my body seems to be holding up.  Sure, I'm occasionally tired, and today, my right quad had a full blown hissy fit for 7 miles (each one of which I vowed to quit the run, but didn't).  But now, on the evening of that run, the quad is sore but not angry enough to be concerning at all.

While the marathon schedule seems insane, really these are all just training runs leading up to February's 50-miler.  With every week that I continue without injury, I get more and more confident that my body has adapted to the mileage and is ready for the long haul.  I'm ready for you Rocky Raccoon!!!

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