Fa La La La La

Five days until Christmas, and I wish not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Things aren't too hectic, actually... but all 3 kids home, 24-7... it's like a daily tornado, and mommy needs to decompress.  Except kids home from school means I'm only left with one option to decompress... the home treadmill.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a treadmill girl.  It's not necessarily preferred, but I don't mind it, and I probably train 80% of the time on one out of necessity... but I strongly prefer the treadmill at the gym.  Not because of the treadmill itself, because mine rocks (Sole F85)... and I like having my medals to my side, and watching a nice flick (today:  the end of "Secretariat" and the beginning of "The Guardian"), but because the one at the gym usually includes friends to chat with, people to watch (and there is some G-O-O-D people watching at my gym... two guys, in particular, who have a crazy workout regime that is highly entertaining... and did I mention the fire department comes in and hits the treadmill too?), and most importantly, I get to compete, like I posted about HERE.  I like seeing how many rounds of people I can go through next to me before I get off.  The other thing is schedule... when I'm taking the kids to school, I drop them off and I go straight to the gym (except that one day that I forgot to take them to school and didn't realize it until I got to the gym!!! but we don't need to talk about that).  When I'm just home, it's so much easier to procrastinate the run.  With all 3 home, the run works better after I have the little one down for a nap post-lunch and have the other 2 quietly watching a movie... but my body and stomach doesn't always like mid-afternoon runs.  (FYI:  The photo is one of my son's creations from awhile back... he made one for EMZ too!)

I'm excited tomorrow that I get out of the house to run... fresh air.  I'm sad that it'll only be for 26 minutes... or 25 if my legs allow me to do what I hope.  My shoes really do need to sprout wings.  Tomorrow night is the Jingle Bell Run in Dallas.  Super excited.  It is a great PR course... totally flat.  Seriously.  I checked my Garmin from last year and the elevation gain was 0.  The hard part is with it being a holiday run, obviously, a lot of people are out there just to enjoy themselves.  This means I have to wear my big girl pants and despite not being a super fast runner, I have to line up in the first couple of rows if I intend to PR.  Last year I lined up only 3 lines of people back from the start, and I *still* had a couple in front of me ready to go in their jeans with backpacks on.  But once I get out of the chute and around the people that start way too fast, I hope to settle in, repeat to myself 8-million times that if I can run marathons, I can surely suffer for 26 minutes, and kick 5k rear.  Super excited.  Not to mention the post-race party is nice and toasty indoors at a ritzy hotel.  And since I have to pay a babysitter anyhow, I might as well enjoy some adult time, right???  Yep, I think so, too!