Jingle Bell 5k

I guess it's been awhile since my last post... haven't been much in the mood for blogging, but I have been laying down my usual miles. My last post was the day before my PR attempt at the Jingle Bell 5k in Downtown Dallas. I ran it last year, and I knew that it was dead flat and had a not-so-bad after party... not to mention, I kind of enjoy seeing all the costumes.

Pre-race - EW, Dana, Elaine, and Me

Pre-race with Buzz Lightyear, duh!!! 

 Pre-race with Cassie, Me, Elaine (who decided to just spectate), and Sharon

A lot of "fun-runners" at this event, so if you intend to PR, you have to inch your way to the very front, elite-style.  Sharon was looking to PR too, so we pushed through the crowds to make our way to the frontlines.  Let's do this.

Adam's goal for me was 8:15s which would put me at 25:35ish for a 5k course.  My PR, set just last month was 26:10.  My secret, but insane goal, was to eek out a 24:59, but realism told me I wasn't quite ready for that.

First mile in, I realize it's too dark to see my Garmin.  Ugh.  I don't have enough energy to be pressing buttons, so I just settle in and GO!  Didn't have much choice, but I went out a little fast and by mile 2, I was hurting.  Mile 2 was pure misery.  It hurt, my stomach hurt, my lungs hurt... and I wasn't even halfway there.  But I just kept moving the legs.  Mile 2 was a definite slow down, so when I hit the last mile, I tried to pick it up some, but just couldn't pick it up much.  I do a little better in mile 3 because I can count down to when it'll be over and the pain will end!!!  I see the finish, and I try to kick it up, but there isn't much kick left.  But I push through that finish line, stop my Garmin, and, per my usual post puke-pace-5k, I lie down on the grass to catch my breath and cough up a lung!  I actually recovered surprisingly fast this time...

Here's what Elaine caught of me sprinting towards the finish line... I'm the bright reflection in the middle of the photo... it's perfectly clear, right???  Ha ha ha.  Action shots at night are a little tough.

Finish time:  25:14 - Average pace 8:08.  I immediately texted Coach Adam and said "Holy smokes that hurt!!!!!!!"  I don't think I've ever run that hard, and I'm not really sure how I kept my gargantuan legs underneath me.  I'll take that 56 second PR less than a month after I set the last PR.  Yes, please.  I'll take it... I was pretty proud of myself for once.  I'm one of those that will nitpick my performance and how I could do better, but I can honestly say, I had nothing more to give that day, no matter how I would've run it. 

See?  I told you the post-race party at this one is fun... I mean, how often do you get to pose for pictures with some dude's crazy shorts?  The really funny part is I don't even think we asked, I just squatted down and said cheese!