Really??? 6 Days?

My poor neglected BLOG.  It's been 6 days since my last posting.  I guess this happens a lot around this time of year... busy with Christmas Concert, gift wrapping, parties, and well, Peppermint Bark eating.  I have a peppermint problem... and a cookie problem... and, let's just leave it alone there.

So White Rock has passed, and despite the craptacular weather we had that day, I'm ready to be back.  I'm ready to be out there again.  And I'm really ready for it to be New Years for my back-to-back Half Marathon/Full Marathon adventure.  I can't believe I'm not burnt out.  I can't believe my body isn't staging a revolution.  But other than the fact that I literally cannot eat enough with my current mileage, my body still has all systems ready to go. 

So what's happened since?  I was at the gym Monday through Wednesday right after White Rock.  I only walked on day 1, but put in 5 and 6 milers on day 2 and 3 post-marathon.  I felt generally good, but a little more sluggish than usual.  I took Thursday off, but Friday, I headed out with my friend Robin, and we checked off 16 miles at just under 11 min/mile (which means I was at my normal long run pace for 16 miles less than 5 days post-marathon).

This all seems good, except that it really bothered me quite a bit.  I didn't like how good I felt after a race that was supposed to be my key, all-out effort.  I know I had more gas in the tank and if I hadn't spent 6 miles with that worrisome nagging hip pain, I could've pushed out a lot more.  Disappointing.  But that's ok, right?  Another day, another race.

Last Saturday, I ran the Santa Run 5k.  Hi-LARIOUS!  Check us out:

Yeah, my suit was a little small and the felt pants were stretching thin.  I thought putting my Marine Corps Marathon jacket underneath added a certain special touch, don't you think?  By the way, Lily was saying "Ho, Ho, Ho", not yawning!

The Santa Posse (Me with Patrick and Lily, Sabrina, and Holly with Indyanna)
The mission for the day was to get Sabrina to the finish line of her first 5k!  And we did just that, but not without laughing at a lot of silliness...
Sea of Santas

Pretty sure she stuffed her Santa Suit.  Funny.

Lily and Indyanna crossing their first 5k finish!
And despite the sea of red... I managed to find a ton of frunners there!!!

This week has been right on track with the miles, but I still don't have my speedy legs back. I went for an ART session today and despite thinking I was fine, I actually had a couple of loud shrieks during the session. I think I stunned Dr. Magic Hands because I'm usually pretty quiet, I'm fairly pain tolerant, but I just wasn't having it today. Owwwwie!!!

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