Sachse Turkey Trot 5k

In my last post, I left you hanging about the Sachse Turkey Trot 5k.  I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seat for the last 3 days waiting, right?  Ok, maybe not.

So, I had been sick... massive head cold, body aches, and all sorts of just general blah feelings.  Wednesday, I was finally able to get back to my scheduled mileage, but I still felt my breathing was a bit labored.  It became a debate whether or not I would take the 5k easy (I had planned to race it hard and use it as the week's speedwork).  Coach Adam voted I take it easy.  The only people that voted I race it hard were the two Racing It Off girls who were racing there that *I* had told to race hard.  Buuuuuut all of you who know me know that I have a racing problem... if I'm not pacing someone, controlling myself is slightly out of the question.  Fortunately, my coach knows this and sent me a text that said "8:15".  Yep, coach, that's the pace I planned.  He knew I would race it despite his initial advice, because that's what I do.  I can be a bad student on occasion, what can I say?

I met up with Robin W, Amanda, and Katie at Amanda's house... they had ran a few pre-race miles.  Since I was in taper, I skipped those miles, but did jog the 0.7 miles from her house to the race as a little pre-race warm-up.

(Robin W, Amanda, Me)
I knew 8:15s would be hard, especially with my breathing still a little labored from the bad cold, but I was going to go for it anyhow.
And we were off...
I actually had to slow myself down mile 1.  Sloooooow it down.  8:15... come on.  Mind you that I have run this area several times, but it's always pitch black... where did all these inclines come from?  Nothing super steep, but it was steady inclines. 
Mile 1  - 8:13 - Right on track (and by the way, the fastest mile I've ever officially clocked).
I was still feeling good in Mile 2.  It was burning, but I expected that.  The inclines were throwing me off a bit, but I continued to watch my Garmin like a hawk and try to maintain, but towards the end of mile 2, I started to fall off pace. 
Mile 2 - 8:19 - Second fastest mile I've ever officially clocked, right on the heels of my fastest.
Now I was hurting, I tried to press, but the legs were heavy and wouldn't push forward.  I sounded like I was hyperventilating.  I'm sure those around me thought I was about to pass out... but that's the way 5ks go.  I held the best I could, but the 8:15 pace wasn't happening anymore.
Mile 3 - 8:37 - Ugh... I'm never happy with positive splits, but I knew it was still PR time.
Last 0.1 - 7:44 pace - I tried to pick up that finish line sprint, but I had very little left.
Final - Distance 3.14.  Time 26:10.  PR by 44 seconds.
Was really hoping to come in with a 25:XX, but considering I was fresh off an illness, I'll take the PR and walk away happy.
Yeah, I know... panting through the finish line is NOT a good look for me.  Friends Robin W and Amanda both also walked away with a PR, and Racing It Off runners Samantha and Christina both kicked rear with a sub-30 minute 5k for their first 5k  (they had both run further before, but had never raced the 5k distance).  Great round of PRs for all!!!