White Rock Marathon - The Important Things

The day after writing my race report for White Rock Marathon... I realized there were some tidbits I left out that I wanted to share - about the things I couldn't have made it through Sunday without.  Of course, as I'm writing this, I'm watching Deadliest Catch, and I'm thinking that gear would've done me some good on Sunday.  OK, it might have been a little much to run in, I mean we are in Texas, not the Bering Sea. 

I have to give a couple of major kudos...

First to iFitness - my race belt of choice.  I ran probably 20 miles of the marathon with my race belt outside of my jacket.  I had my phone in there the entire time (and no, not in a plastic baggie).  Turned out to be a blessing to have my phone with me, as I was headed back to wait for some friends but was able to find out that they had done the half instead.  My phone was completely dry despite the consistent rain - touch screen and everything worked just fine.  And I never would've gotten to my GU if it hadn't been out and easily accessible on that belt (more on that in a minute).

Second huge kudo goes to Mission Athletecare.  All my frunners know that I love this stuff... so much that when a friend saw some at the expo, she immediately thought of me.  Yes, I like it that much.  Their anti-chafe cream is the best. stuff. ever.  As long as I don't have a brain fart, and remember to apply it to the right spot, I don't chafe.  We saw some pretty bad chafing on one chick near the finish... water plus friction makes for some nasty chafing.  I also, for the first time, lubed up my feet.  I was worried that once they were soaked, they would be rubbing a lot of blisters.  No chafing, no blisters... nothing.  I stand by my claim that this stuff is the bomb.  I know people who used other brands that didn't hold up so well after the first 3 hours.

Also, want to thank Virawear for the awesome shirt that I wore.  Super cute, no chafing, and comfy.  Did I mention, super cute?  Oh, I did.  I was just sad that I didn't get pics with it because it was covered with a rain jacket the whole time.  Review coming soon...

I thanked my pacer, Derek, in the last post... but I failed to fully explain some of the reasons he was instrumental in my survival.  First, there was only maybe 1 or 2 bands of the 20 planned.  Hard to stay pepped up when all the course entertainment is rained out.  Bless the amazing spectators that endured the weather to cheer even though the bands didn't (totally understandable). Second, guessing because there were less volunteers than there might have been in good conditions, the water stops were pretty slow going... but he ran ahead and grabbed a gatorade or water for me in the later miles.  The time I tried to grab my own, my hands were so frozen that I dumped the entire cup of gatorade on myself.  And third, by mile 18, I tried to grab a GU and literally could not pull it out of my belt.  I tried over and over and couldn't pull it.  I couldn't feel my fingers.  I was hopeless, ha ha ha.  At that point, Derek had to yank the GU out of my belt for me and open it.  Seriously, I was higher maintenance than a 5-year-old child.  I probably should've been wearing a bib. 

Now we're on Day 4 (wait, there's that 4 again) post marathon and after hitting the gym Monday through Wednesday, I decided that I should probably take a day off.  But I'm feeling pretty great and ready to go.  Good thing I have a race this weekend... ok, so not really a "race" the way I think of it.  It's the Great North Texas Santa Run.  I have to run in a felt Santa Suit - pants, jacket, belt, hat, and beard.  Should be, well, chafing!