2011 - An Epic Year

I think this is a required post at the end of each year, and I'm a little behind! 

I set out some goals at the beginning of this year, and it's time to see how I stacked up:


Cut processed sugar. - Major FAIL.
Reduce fast food to no more than once per week. - Success for the most part.
Lose 18 lbs. - Done, Gone, Never coming back.

Complete RRCA Coaching Certification. - Complete and one of the best decisions I ever made.

Run at least 12 races. - Was this really a question?  I ran 27 races this year.
Run at least 2 races of each type (5k, 10k, 15k, Half, and Marathon). - Done (3 5ks, 4 10ks, 3 15ks, 13 Halfs, 1 20-miler, and 3 Marathons)
Stay injury-free. - Done.  Woo-hoo!
Incorporate weekly speedwork. - Done, for the most part...
Incorporate weekly cross-training and/or strengthening. - Yeah, giant FAIL.
2011km (1250 miles) - I'm going for quality over quantity this year! - Done.

Time Goals:
5k - sub-26 - Done!!! - 25:14
10k - sub-1:00 - Done!!! - 56:10
15K - sub-1:30 - Done!!! - 1:26:52
Half Marathon - 2:05 - Fail - Think this is definitely in my capability, but with all the marathons, I didn't have many opportunities to race a half hard... I spent most halves pacing someone and conserving my body for all the fulls.  My PR is 2:09 set this past March.
Full Marathon - 4:30 - Fail - White Rock was my shot at this, and the day just didn't pull together as planned, but it was a great PR day nonetheless, and I will take my 4:44 and be happy!

2011 was a fantastic year of running for me.  It was the first year I was completely consistent.  I felt like I stayed on track all year. 

Monthly miles 2011 (vs 2010)
January - 82 (vs. 77)
February - 81 (vs. 52)
March - 146 (vs. 79)
April - 169 (vs. 134)
May - 207 (vs. 63)
June - 116 (vs. 37)
July - 133 (vs. 77)
August - 186 (vs. 81)
September - 186 (vs. 150)
October - 174 (vs. 145)
November - 154 (vs. 124)
December - 201 (vs. 64)

Total mileage:  1837 (vs. 1135)

I closed out the year with my highest mileage week ever - 71!  I did have the help of the New Years Double... race report coming soon!!!

But none of those numbers made as big of a difference as the number 20!  That was the number of members on the Racing It Off team at the end of the year.  They provide me more motivation, inspiration, laughs, tears, etc than I deserve, and I love each of them dearly for it!