Yes, I'm a Goal-Maker - 2012 Here I Come!!!

Love it or hate it, I'm a goal setter with my running... I focused better if I have something written down and keep my eye on the running ball!  So here's my list for 2012...

Eat more fruits and veggies - This is non-specific, but that's ok... I just want to eat a little cleaner than last year without putting hard restrictions on myself that I can't follow!

Read the Stack of Running Books on my Night Stand - So much good info and inspiration, and I need to carve out the time to actually read them.

Become an ultra-runner - Scheduled for February 4th.  50 miles or bust!!!

Qualify for Marathon Maniacs - DONE! - Accomplished 1/1/12!!!  Maniac #4850

Run at least 12 races. - This seems silly for a race-aholic, but I hope to do a lot more marathons this year which means I'm going to have to give up some of the other races so that I can get in the right miles.  I think last year, I ran almost every weekend in January and February and I'm giving that up so I can focus on the ultra.

Run at least 2 races of each type (5k, 10k, 15k, Half, and Marathon). - Keeping this one because it reminds me to get some variety in my schedule.

Stay injury-free

2000 miles - I usually don't like mileage goals because sometimes it tempts me to run "junk" miles... going for quantity and thus dumping quality, but I think considering all the marathons I have planned, this goal should be attainable if I stay trained and consistent.

Time Goals:
5k - 24:XX
10k - sub-9 pace per mile.
15K - sub-9 pace per mile.
Half Marathon - 2:00
Full Marathon - 4:20

You ready to rock this year?  I just signed up for 2 more races this morning... so this is what my calendar is looking like so far for this year:
1/1/12 New Years Day Marathon - DONE!
1/29/12 Austin 3M Half Marathon
2/4/12 Rocky Raccoon 50-miler
2/26/12 Cowtown Half Marathon
3/25/12 Rock n Roll Dallas Half
3/30-4/1/12 Texas Independence Relay
4/15/12 Big D Marathon
4/29/12 Oklahoma City Marathon
5/28/12 The Patriot Half Marathon
6/25/12 Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon
9/22/12 Rock n Roll Denver Marathon
11/18/12 Route 66 Marathon
12/4/12 White Rock Marathon
12/31/12 New Years Eve Marathon

(HINT:  Today is the last day -1/5 - but you can use code RESOLVE to take $15 off any Rock n Roll race.)

This is the year of the full!!!  Please legs, don't fail me now!