I'm Back!

I didn't plan a break from blogging, but I needed it.  I don't really know why, but I did.  And I'm glad I took the break, but I've missed my blogging friends terribly (well, the ones I don't text and tweet on a daily basis).  I've missed the feedback and support.  And I've missed being up-to-date on your blogs and commenting on them.  But I feel refreshed and ready to blog again!  (I just realized this whole paragraph says a whole lot of nothing, but that's how it rattled out of my brain, so there you have it.)

Since Cowtown, I'll been continuing to focus on speed for Rock n Roll Dallas which is THIS Sunday.  Wow.  I can't believe my goal half marathon for the year is here.  I think I'm ready.  I know I've done what I can, and Coach Adam has kicked my rear on numerous occasions. I'm excited, I'm nervous.  And I'm ready to go all out, court the pain, and grab a shiny new PR.  I know some people shy away from declaring "I'm going to PR", but for me, it's very important, mentally, to set out in the race with a very clear purpose.  Let's face it, I'm at a point where PR's don't just come haphazardly... I have to pretty meticulously plan and go after them. I'll be wearing my bracelet - "Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great."

I've also been spending a lot more time on the trails on the weekends to prepare to pace the awesome Suann at her first 100-miler in May at Zion.  Super excited about that trip.  I've also made a total changeover on my trail shoes.  I was wearing the Cascadias, but at Rocky Raccoon with all that mud they just felt like bricks.  A couple of rock star ultra runners (Jeremy and Greg) suggested the Inov-8 X-talons.  I started doing some research and realized these shoes were pretty minimal.  Generally, I like a little cushion in my shoe, but after a lot of discussion, I decided to give them a try.  They have a very small drop (3mm) and are super light (6.7 oz)... and in case you didn't notice, they are the sleakest, sexiest shoe ever.  I was hesitant, but after just 2 runs on the trail with them, I said good-bye to the Cascadia.  These shoes are amazing.  I love feeling the trail under my feet.  I love how they grip.  Did I mention that I love how they look?  I spent 22 miles of the Northshore trail with these babies on and they performed flawlessly.  I'm gonna admit it, I crave the trails now... crave.

There are probably a million other things to share from the last month, but I'll leave you with this photo from a night out with some of my favorite frunners:

Me, Amanda, and Elaine

PS  Elaine has started a new facebook page for Athena runners (>150 lbs).  Go check it out HERE.