Rock n Roll Dallas Expo and The Plan

It's almost time to call it a night and get some sleep to prepare for Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon.  This is THE key half marathon for me this year.  I won't really be attempting to PR on any of the other halves I have planned.  So mentally, this race is just as big to me as any marathon.

Robin D, Monica, and I headed to the expo on Friday (did I mention that Robin's hubs is a saint and took off work to watch 5 girls under the age of 5 so that we could go to the expo together?).

We were there right when it opened, but as usual, they shuffled people through pretty efficiently, and really no issue getting our loot.  I've mentioned it before, but I like going to expos 2 days before the race if possible so I can try samples of things that are out.  The day before, I hate to chance messing with my stomach with 50 different power this and gu that.  Anyhow, even though I've seen most of the stuff they have there before, I still like the buzz and excitement of the expo.  This shirt made me laugh...

It says "I run so I don't kill people."  Hi-lar-i-ous!!!

I rarely see something "new" though or something I absolutely have to have, but then... as I turned the corner, I saw something calling to me... like a happy runner beacon.  I have declared my love for CEP in the past... and uh, I love all things red... and I saw this...

A beautiful pair of tomato red CEPs... debuting at the expo.  Yes, please.  I walked over and said "Sold, size III, women's, please."  The guy admitted that I was the hardest sell of the day.  Ha!  Yeah, well, I know what I like.  Although as much as I'd like to wear these tomorrow... I think it'll just be too hot.

We also passed the Refuel by Chocolate Milk booth (they plan to be at the finish line serving chocolate milk, of course).  I love me some chocolate milk post-run (although I usually have to make 2 because Paige thinks she needs to recover from mommy's run too).  Perfect carb-to-protein ratio.

Then I got to see my favorite expo family, Sport Hooks (Marcey and Pete).  Love these people.  Seriously.

If you haven't seen my Sport Hook before...

And Marcey is gonna make me up a custom "Ultra" one to match. (Yes, she does custom work, because she rocks.)

Tomorrow, I put the speedwork to the test.  I'm going to see what the legs have in them... just hope I can live up to all the work I've put towards this race.  Adam has had me focused on this race and this PR since the first week of December.

A goal - 2:00 - Honestly, I'm not sure I am quite here in my training, but if the race gives me a good day and I can negative split this course, it might be a possibility, even if slim.

B goal - 2:03 - This is my "I'd be happy with it" goal.  I'd like to be able to pull off steady 9:15s the whole time.  I think I can...

C goal - 2:06 - Just PR... I'll admit, I'd be disappointed still, but at least the day wouldn't be a total loss!

Things that have me nervous --

- The weather -- I really like 50s, it should be 61 to 69 while I'm racing.  That's really too hot for me, but I'm gonna fight anyhow.

- I've never "planned" to negative split a course before.  I negative split this course last year, and it's really the perfect course for a negative split (8 miles uphill, 5 miles downhill), but this is the first time where I actually planned it as part of hitting my goal.

- I'm pretty verbal about when I'm going for a PR... which means the pressure is on... which definitely helps at times, but also means it's all out there for everyone.

Off to bed!  For those racing tomorrow, I hope you have a fantastic race and the day gives you what you desire!