Big D Marathon - The Pre-amble

Be shocked, blogging 2 days in a row.  I might just go overboard and go for 3 days in a row or more.  Call me crazy!

Anyhow, I'm skipping over a few things that happened prior to Big D (like Teas Independence Relay) because this is what is fresh on my mind, and frankly what inspired me to get back at the blogging.  Big D was an important race this year... four of the girls I coach were going to run Big D as their first full marathon.  I have been super excited for this day for a long time.

After a long, but easy-paced, trail run with Suann a week before the marathon, my calves seized up.  After talking to multiple sources that agreed, it was dehydration and electrolytes.  We were pretty shaded on that run, and I don't think I hydrated properly for the 80 deg temps.  After a lot of hydrating and a few visits to my magic doctor (and for the first time ever, an ART session that actually had me asking him to stop - although he didn't listen!), the calves seemed to loosen up, and I thought I was feeling good.  But no sooner did the calves loosen than I felt a tug on the back of my leg during my typical Thursday 1-miler.  The tug was annoying, but concerning. (My guess is that the tight calves caused the strain elsewhere.)

On Friday, I tried to run again... it was still annoying, so I cut the run short to rest up for the marathon.  Saturday morning, I got up, decided I would hit 1 mile around the neighborhood, so I grabbed Lily (my 7-year-old), and we headed out the door.  I could feel it yank every single step.  If I didn't have to get back to the house, I would've stopped.  It was like every stride, the "rope" was too short and would jerk me back, and I was mortified of tearing something.  It wasn't excruciatingly painful, but it definitely hurt and was very uncomfortable and was very noticeable on every stride.  I got back to the house and sent Coach Adam a text, "I think I'm out."  This resulted in a convo that may or may not have had me on the verge of tears, but ultimately he agreed that I was doing the right thing by deciding to DNS (did-not-start) for Big D Marathon.

I spent the majority of the afternoon helping Libby at packet pick-up, which I thought would be tough given the decision I had just made, but I actually found it distracting and fun to see all these excited and nervous runners pass through and get their bibs.

The truth is... I 100% know I made the right decision, but I also know that I could have run and finished that marathon. But fortunately, I had my "big picture" hat on and knew that healing would take longer if I pounded through that discomfort.  Plus, it helped, to be perfectly honest, that Big D, for me, was more about the 4 amazing women that would be taking on their first marathon.  And this issue allowed me to be totally there for them instead of worried about my own race and issues... which, looking back, is exactly where I should have been - on the course, cheering.

I'm still healing, and I'm still not running more than a mile, though I hope to try to go a little more today.  I *am* getting better.  I was certain it was a hamstring issue, but per Dr. Magic Hands, it's actually the backside of my quad and IT - right behind my knee a little up and to the outer edge.  I've been rolling, I've been icing, I've been resting - all the things I hate to do... but I'll take getting back out there sooner.

So Big D for me was a big ol' DNS - my very first.  But that's ok, there will be other marathons.  Stay tuned... because I cannot wait to share with you about my day of spectating!!!