Sometimes You Just Need Dirt


For me, trail dirt is therapeutic.  With the recent leg issues, I had told Coach Adam that if I wasn't on the trails by the weekend, I'd be upset.  On Friday, I texted my good friend, Emily, to ask if she wanted to meet me at the trails.  Her response "NOW???".  He he he.  Nothing like last minute planning, right?  But she *did* say that she'd be willing to meet me Saturday morning.  SOLD.  Run pushed to Saturday morning.  It would be Emily's first time on the trails, so I was excited.

So Saturday, the weather was beautifully cool (50 degrees), and we met and did a nice and easy 5 miles on the trails and it was therapeutic... for both of us.  My leg felt decent, I went the furthest I'd been in a couple weeks, and Emily, who was also working back from injury, ended the run with a smile on her face.  Her view of the trails - "That was AWESOME!"  And another trail-lover was born.

The trails were a bit muddy actually, so my shoes kept caking up...

And since I was asked by Coach if I left any dirt on the trails... I provided proof that I did... cause I pulled it off my shoes and put it back, see:

On Sunday, I was supposed to meet Libby for 10 miles on the same trail.  Libby was doing some fatigue training the day after a marathon (because that's what crazy runners do, right?), which would work perfectly with my need to take it easy and listen to my body.  And guess what, Emily came out for another 5 miles of it!  Woo-hoo.  Also, our friend Catherine came along for the whole 10.  We kept a comfortable pace and the pain in my leg was almost unnoticeable.  I was elated and super excited, and feeling extremely encouraged after that run.

Of course, my body was clearly tired, and I was still feeling the nagging pull in my leg Monday-Wednesday.  It is very mild, and honestly, I might not worry about it so much if I wasn't coming off an issue... but I'm really hesitant to not let it heal completely, so today is off.. resting, and honestly, it feels pretty good.  Dr. Magic Hands has most definitely done his part to help my leg back in action, and I have a feeling that very soon, I'll be completely back, but right now I'm rolling and icing and listening to my "take it easy" directives from coach.  Well, as least until tomorrow night!!!