Did You Miss Me?


Well I've miss you all!  I love getting feedback and reading about other people's experiences, and I've truly missed it.  I guess that's how you know it's time.  That and I've finally got my ducks back in a row.

It is fitting that I get back to blogging now, 9 days prior to Rocky Raccoon 50-miler.  My blogging fell off quite a bit after RR last year.  I finally picked it back up, but then soon after that, things went crazy around here again.  Dealt with some crazy life changes... a lot of them.  The good news is that I kept running.  My mileage plummeted, but I never stopped.  I still raced like a crazy person (I'm sure you are all shocked), and I started spending a good amount of time helping my friends at SportHooks.  I now do an expo every month plus help them with a few other things.  So a quick and crazy highlight of stuff that's gone on since I've been out of the blogging loop...

May 28, 2012 - Patriot Day Half - It was brutally hot outside and crazy hilly, but, uh, I really never fail to find a way to have fun.

June 23, 2012 - Rock n Roll Seattle - This was an insanely fun non-stop blogger party (only mildly ironic that I wasn't really blogging anymore).

Having a little blogger fun at the expo!!!
Blogger party hosted by Onlineshoes.com and Brooks!
Have you ever seen a crazier group of bloggers? You might recognize Tall Mom, Run Zoe Run, Mom vs Marathon, Impossible is Nothing, Coach and His Adorable Wife, and several others!
Me and Tricia! -- Note our really cool #TeamSteak and #TeamMushroom shirts!
July 15, 2012 - El Scorcho 50k - Let's be clear... 50k (31 miles) at MIDNIGHT in July in Texas.  This race is the definition of insanity... so I kept all things insane!  Finishing a race at 6:30am is just weird.  When the iHop waitress said "Good Morning!", I was (not) surprisingly confused.  "Huh?  I haven't gone to bed yet."
Shannon and I were Party Rock twinsies!
August 19, 2012 - Rock n Roll Providence - This my first expo working for SportHooks.  Had a total blast and then ran a nice relaxed half to earn my bling!
And I'm gonna stop there because I promised that the next race after this (Rock n Roll Denver) would get a much bigger write up!  
Oh my goodness, remind me that if I ever stop blogging again, that it's horrible to have to try to catch up and remember and then only share tiny tidbits of what were all individually huge and awesome experiences.  I think everyone that's ever read my blog knows that I absolutely LOVE to race, however, despite how much I race (which is really getting to be less and less so I can focus more), every one of them is important to me.  Period.  It's not "just" a half or "just" a marathon.  I still find 13.1 to be a lot of miles.  I still think 5k's are crazy hard.  And no matter how "relaxed" you plan to run a marathon, it is STILL a marathon... 26.2 long miles where anything can happen.  
Bear with me as I catch up on the races I've run and then I'll share my HUGE plans for the future.  
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