Still Around...


I know... I said I was back and then I disappeared again.  I promise this time it wasn't completely by choice.  First, I took a small break after Rocky Raccoon to recover.  Recovery was a bit tougher this time as I managed to roll my ankle which locked it up and resulted in my later spraining my knee.  Awesome.  In my attempt to be a good coach and to follow the advice I would give my runners, as well as listening to MY coach, I took 2 entire weeks off.

It was time to, hopefully, get back to running, and then BLAM - hit by a truck.  Yeah, not figuratively.  I was literally rear-ended by a semi on a major highway.  Totaled my car (thank God my kids were NOT in the back), and majorly jacked up my neck, shoulders, and back.  Thankfully, no hospital-worthy injuries, but I literally couldn't even swing my arms without hearing snap crackle pop up my back.  Lovely.  I was told to rest completely for 2 weeks.

Let me do the math... 2 + 2 = 4 weeks.  I have never had an injury that kept me from running for more than a week.  This was insanely hard to deal with.  Those close to me know I was an utter basketcase.

After 4 weeks, it has been a very slow and cautious build-up.  I dropped Rock n Roll USA (though I still traveled there to work the expo for SportHooks).  And I am just now running 12-ish miles for my long run.  Like I said... long, slow road.

At the end of last month, I traveled to Arizona and made it a point to hike the Pemberton trail - the site of the Javelina Jundred - my main goal race this year.  I simultaneously convinced myself that I could handle the terrain, and freaked myself out by being tired after just a couple hours of hiking it!!!

A couple weeks ago, I helped my good friend, Libby, at the Fairview Half.  I helped coordinate all the volunteers throughout the day and pretty much anything else she wanted.  It was a nice way to be back with the race environment until I can get my distance back safely and smartly.

Then last week, I traveled to Boston.  I went to cheer mainly for my coach, but got to see a few other friends in the process too. Honestly, it was a fantastic trip... unfortunately covered with a horrific cloud.  I left the finish line area with Adam about 30 minutes prior to the explosions.  I was safely in the hotel.  There have been an amazing number of touching posts on the events that occurred in Boston, including this one written by Adam.  I don't feel in a place to really share my thoughts.  But I'll tell you that more than any other tragedy, this felt very personal.  I don't watch a lot of news, and I have been engrossed the last 5 days.  Yesterday, in particular, I could not turn it off.  I forced myself to turn it off today.

Despite it all, the Boston Marathon is a great race.  It was an amazing city.  And I won't let the events that occurred keep me from congratulating the runners.  I was incredibly proud of my coach for his first Boston finish.  I won't let it keep me from thinking it was a great trip.  I won't let it ruin any other races.  It won't stop me from running.  And it won't stop me from spectating either.

(Finish lines are supposed to be happy!)

With all that said... I feel like I'm on the comeback.  I'm finding my motivation.  I'm finding my normal (just in time for the kids to be out of school for the summer - ha!).  I have 2 big races planned this year - a radical departure from my normal raceaholic years.  But one of those is coming up in 2 months, so I need to get back on my game NOW!

Next up... Bighorn Trail 50K.