Running Coach - 5k to 100 mile, Road or Trail

"Lesley gave me workouts that I didn't think were possible, but I would nail them because she knew what I was capable of. She is there to answer questions and support me through every run. Lesley keeps me accountable and motivated and driven to continually raise the bar. I’m excited to see where I can go from here.


/  Aubrey power  /


"Wikipedia describes "coaching" as: a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. As my coach, Lesley has embodied this definition. I had been running for a year, got injured and needed help reaching my running goals. Lesley has supported me in reaching those goals through her extensive knowledge, experience, patience and humor. Lesley recognizes obstacles and works with me in overcoming them at the same time celebrating victories and positives where I may not have seen them. Lesley is superb at what she does!"

/ Aimee McCall /


"I had participated in several half marathons through a charity organization and got bitten by the bug. ... Before Lesley, my focus was on surviving the distance. She changed my approach and taught me training techniques that have increased not only my ability, but the joy I get from running. I’m now learning how to run and not just complete the distance!


/  Jennifer mitchell  /


"Lesley is an awesome coach! She is a busy mom, so understands my crazy schedule. I have trained with her for about a year and have seen so much improvement in my pace, endurance and desire to keep going when I don't feel like it. I'm scheduled to run my first 50k in about a month and could not have gotten this far without the coach. It is so nice to work with someone who is realistic, but yet pushes you beyond what you think your limits are. If you are looking for a dynamic coach that will get you to the next level, Lesley is your coach."

/ Ann Marie Afflerbach /


"The first thing you should know about Lesley is she's a runner and a coach. There's no better source of information than someone who's already been there and done that. ... If you're considering a coach, I recommend Lesley without reservation, whether just starting out or looking to accomplish greater things.


/  stuart mackinnon  /


"Lesley is a GREAT coach! I've been running trails in 2012, with not so great results, I started working with Lesley at the end of 2015, and I'm running so much better, my race times are getting faster, I'm getting stronger. She works with you, giving you a weekly schedule that fits into your daily life.Yes, she's going to challenge you, giving you hard workouts, but she knows you can do it.Great communication, with weekly emails, fast response when you have a question, she is there for you."

/ Blanca Gonzales /


"Lesley started coaching me in June of 2013. At that time I was only running 3 to 4 miles at a time. I was never a runner and not in shape. She coached me to a half marathon by September of 2013. I couldn't have done it without her. I also live 2000 miles away, and she coached me online.


/  Marilu wilson  /


"Coach Lesley has a LOT to put up when she deals with me. My frequent lack of motivation bouts amidst life's harrowing trials. (Not too mention my tendency to over dramatize things.) She does a great job keeping my schedule in balance with all I have going on with what events i have coming up. That is NO easy task. I'm VERY fortunate to have found a coach who 'gets me'!!!"

/  Robert Megert  /


"I have been working with Lesley for two years and in that time I have seen more progress in my abilities than I did the previous four, mainly due to the fact that she gets me. She works with me through my lack of motivation and erratic work schedule, and never lets me lose sight of what I am working towards. I am lucky to have her as a coach."

/ Dann Brown /


"Lesley is awesome!!! Perfect blend of positivity, encouragement, and willingness to kick your butt to the next level. Highly recommend!"

/ Abby Spain /


"The fact that Lesley is a working mother with children contributes to her knowledge of balancing life with running. She truly understands how life sometimes throws our schedules into a state of flux; she knowingly factors this into training schedules. Thank goodness! For 1.5 years, Coach L has been a great source of inspiration, support, and knowledge. Always available and genuinely honest when it comes to giving advice and providing cautionary tales to help avoid injury and burn out. Coach has given me workouts that I thought weren’t possible, but she believed in me; while they were challenging, she never gave me workouts I couldn’t finish. Because of Lesley’s wise coaching, I’ve PRd at several events and simply completed some that were of physically demanding terrain where all I wanted was to finish. I highly recommend Lesley to anyone looking to take their running to the next level."

/ Selina Hinojosa-Lin /


"Lesley gets her clients. She takes the time to understand their goals and their realities and somehow manages to marry to the two together. She is part cheerleader, part coach, part mentor, part taskmaster and part friend. She has guided me to goals I wasn't sure I could achieve in part because I knew she believed I could and that made me believe it too."

/ Katherine Brooks /


"Lesley has been my coach for 5 years now. I appreciate the level of communication/feedback she provides. I remember when I first started and she had some interval paces laid out that I NEVER thought I would be able to run. I can't even describe the sense of accomplishment that I experienced when I broke through that barrier and many others along the way. The training schedules she provides are personal and intelligently crafted. She is also very responsive when life's fluctuations get in the way of your training and has helped me re-examine my goals from time to time. I would recommend her to anyone; from the beginner runner to the endurance athlete she has something to offer each demographic."

/ Terra Burton /